Gold Membership


AUD 575.00 per month

Achieve your pinnacle of cycling performance with our Gold Membership, the ultimate coaching package that includes all the advantages of the Silver Membership with additional, exclusive benefits. This membership is ideal for cyclists dedicated to reaching peak performance levels, offering daily feedback, enhanced strategy sessions, and the flexibility of unlimited training plan adjustments.

  • Monthly Membership Fee: The Gold Membership is offered at AUD 575 per month. This fee will be invoiced, facilitating a smooth and secure payment process.
  • Initial Consultation Fee: A one-time fee of $85 is required today for your personalized consultation, laying the foundation for your advanced coaching program.
  • Value-Added Offer: The AUD 85 consultation fee will be credited towards your first month’s coaching fee, providing you with exceptional value from the outset of your elite training journey.

Exclusive Gold Membership Advantages:

  • Daily Feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your training sessions within 12-24 hours, Monday through Friday, ensuring constant progress and adjustment.
  • Enhanced Strategy Calls: Benefit from up to 3 Zoom calls per month, focusing on in-depth mentoring and strategic planning for your upcoming events or training objectives.
  • Unlimited Training Program Updates: Your training plan will continuously evolve to match your progress and needs, with unlimited adjustments to ensure the best possible performance outcome.
  • All Silver Benefits Included: Enjoy all the benefits of the Silver Membership, such as personalized power and heart rate zones, weekly training reviews, a monthly Zoom strategy call, and access to a TrainingPeaks Premium account.

Embrace the Gold Membership to unlock your full cycling potential, supported by the most comprehensive and personalized coaching experience available.